Reasons to Consider Having a Wood Stain Applied to Your Home

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Wood stain can be used to protect and beautify wooden surfaces. It also makes spills easier to clean up, making it a good choice for kitchens and other high-traffic areas. Adding a wood stain to your floors can help to keep them looking cleaner and more attractive.

Paint and stain protect the surface of floors and walls from damage caused by dust and dirt, which can lead to costly repairs over time. This is especially important if you have children or pets who run around inside your home all day long!

Another reason why you might want to consider having new wood stain applied is because it will make cleaning easier for you personally! It's one less thing that you'll have to worry about when it comes time for spring cleaning every year—just make sure that everyone stays off those floors until they've dried completely!

Protection From Solar Damage

Wood stain can fade quickly if not properly protected. To make sure your wood stain lasts as long as possible, apply a good-quality sealer every few months during the warmer months. Sealers protect wood from damage by UV rays, which cause fading.

There are many different types of sealers available for homeowners to choose from. Some sealers can last up to five years before needing reapplication, while others may only last three months or less depending on how much direct sunlight they receive every day during those months of use!

To protect wood surfaces from the sun, you can apply a clear coat sealer or an oil-based sealant. Clear coat sealers prevent fading and cracking in your wood while oil-based sealants keep moisture out of your wood so it doesn't dry out quickly and crack or warp over time.

Protection From Moisture & Mold

Wood stains are an essential part of any deck builder's toolkit. They prevent moisture, mold and rot from damaging a wooden structure. They also allow you to add color and character to your deck, fence or other wooden structure. The best way to use wood stains is to apply them in the proper order: first primer, then stain.

Stain can't be left on the wood indefinitely; eventually it has to come off or the wood will rot away. You'll have to clean your house and everything it touches regularly while using stain. But there is a way around this! We have created a stain that has all of the same benefits as traditional stain—it protects your wood from moisture and mold—but without all of the harmful chemicals! Stain is a safe alternative that you can use indoors without fear of harming yourself or anyone else in your household.

Increase Your Home's Appeal

If you're looking to increase the value of your home, adding a fresh coat of wood stain is a quick and easy way to do it. By choosing the right color and style, you can make your home look new again—and boost its appeal in the process.

That's because wood stains have high contrast between the color of the front door and window trims. This contrast makes it easy for potential buyers to notice that something has been changed. This is especially important if your home has been on the market for awhile with no offers coming in—it can help make it stand out from other homes on the market with similar features, making it more appealing to buyers.

Solid color stains provide an opaque finish that covers all areas of the wood grain with a single color. Transparent stains are transparent when applied but dry with an opaque or semi-transparent finish depending on the amount applied and how it is applied (with brush or sprayer). Semi-transparent stains provide some degree of transparency while still providing protection against moisture penetration into the wood fibers.

Semi-transparent stains are often used to create a more natural, open-grained appearance for wooden floors, furniture and walls. They can also be used on cabinet doors to let light pass through, accentuating the beauty of your wood surfaces.


Protecting the wood in your deck and exterior of your home is critical to preventing it from being damaged by mold, mildew and other harsh weather conditions. It's not enough to just staining you need additional products made specifically for covering the wood. Exterior wood can be easily damaged by mold if left unprotected and exposed to the elements. Depending on your type of wood, hiring us with our process will give you an excellent surface with protection with any of your wooden surfaces.