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When you need a wood staining job done, Pro Painters is the company to call. We complete residential and commercial projects of all sizes and can handle any wood staining job in Bellevue or the greater Northwest area. Request an estimate to get started today.

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Wood Staining Services

Pro Painters provides a full range of wood staining services, from small repairs to large-scale renovations. Our highly trained staff helps clients achieve their goals with ease.

Interior & Exterior Staining

We offer staining services for homes, commercial buildings and other structures.

Rails & Stairs Staining

We stain staircases, rails and other woodwork. Then lacquer the surface to protect from wear, leaving it shiny.

Cedar Shingle Staining

We stain many exterior surfaces. Cedar shingles is one of them, and we can help maintain its appearance.

Wooden Fence Staining

We stain many exterior surfaces, including wood. If your fence has chips or needs repair, we can help.

Decks & Patio Staining

We stain decks and patios as well as any other wooden structures. Our work will last years and resist weather damage.

Wooden Door Staining

We offer staining services for main entrance doors and other exterior wooden doors that need refinishing.
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Staining Benefits

Partnering with Pro Painters you receive outstanding benefits that you wouldn't receive from other painting companies.

Pro Painters

Our expert staining services, you can enjoy the beauty and elegance of stained wood without the hassle of doing it yourself.

Color Matching

Pro Painters offers a free, no-obligation color consultation to all clients who choose us as their staining partners.

Unbeatable Prices

We provide our customers with competitively priced wood staining services when compared with other companies.

Quality Materials

Our products are made from the finest materials available, ensuring that our customers staining surfaces will last for years.

3 Year Warranty

We provide a 3-year warranty covering cleanups and touch-ups on all wood staining services.

Free Estimates

We provide free, no-obligation wood staining estimates that can be used to generate an accurate quote.

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What Our Clients Say

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He painted the inside of my condominium and was very careful and detailed. Very responsive and professional as well as punctual. Also very fair priced. Looking for a painter during this pandemic look no longer, book Pro Painters LLC!!

Jenna Hulse

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Pro painters are spot on with representing high quality work. The crew were amazing both professional and efficient. Definitely will move forward and got my interior work done. As my exterior is brand new I'm happy with the work highly recommended!

Dave Williams

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Came in a solidified the job as professional and swift as one could be. Added some extras and didn’t hesitate to do them with a smile. Best crew in the Northwest. We have referred to many people since our remodel. Here’s some pictures of the quality work.

Keven Olsen

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of materials are used for staining projects?

Staining projects can be done with a variety of materials. Oil-based stains are long-lasting, and have a rich color that will last for years. They work well on almost any wood surface, including pressure-treated lumber. Because they're not water based, they are ideal for exterior projects where they'll be exposed the elements they won't wash away or flake off as easily as water-based stains would in those conditions.

How many coats of stain will be required to cover my project?

The amount of stain you need to cover a project depends on several factors. First, consider the type and color of your wood; a lighter-colored wood will require more coats than a darker one because it is more transparent. Second, consider the porosity of your wood: if your wood is very porous or has been previously treated with oil or shellac, it may require more coats than if it were less porous.

Is my deck or patio going to be protected from the elements and moisture?

Absolutely, we protect your deck and patio from the elements and moisture with our rain-resistant sealant as well as other products that prevent warping and cracking. Our workmanship comes with a three-year warranty against these issues.

How long does it take to stain a wooden deck or patio?

Staining a wooden deck or patio takes time and several coats of stain. It also depends on the size of your deck or patio and the type of wood used in construction. If you're working on a small section, you can probably finish it in about an hour. It may take several hours to complete larger areas properly.

What is the typical cost of staining an exterior surface?

The cost of staining an exterior wooden surface depends on several factors, including the size of the structure and the type of wood. Pine or cedar shingles typically cost around $1,500 to stain on average for a large home.

This price can vary depending on how many coats you want applied to the wood, and whether or not you need a primer coat applied first. The average cost for staining a small house made of oak would be around $600-$800, but this price also varies depending on how many coats are needed and if there is any wood repair involved such as sanding, touchups, and any repairs needed.

What is the typical cost of having interior woodwork stained?

Staining interior woodwork is an excellent way to bring new life and color to your home. The process can also improve the value of your property, but it's not cheap: the average cost ranges from $1,500 to $3,000 depending on several factors, including the size of your home's interior; type of wood being stained; and whether or not there are any additional features such as built-in cabinets or molding.

How much does it cost to stain wooden fencing?

Staining wooden fencing can cost as little as $20 for small jobs, assuming you already have the materials needed to complete the job, including brushes, rollers, and paint thinner. If you need to stain larger areas or multiple sections, it will cost more because these jobs require more materials and labor. The average cost for this type of job is around $250 per square foot.

How much will it cost to have my deck or patio stained?

The cost of staining your deck or patio depends on a few factors, including the type of wood you have and how much prep work is needed before applying the stain. For example, if you are trying to cover up an old stain that has been worn away or faded and thus require a new coat of stain over top of the existing one, then you will need to pay someone to sand down any rough spots in your deck surface and then prime it with a special primer prior to putting down another coat of stain.