Signs Your Home Needs an Exterior Paint Job

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If the exterior of your home is beginning to fade and change color, it could mean the paint job needs to be examined by a professional. Paint that is peeling or cracking often signals that the paint is aged or was not applied correctly. If weather or other environmental factors have damaged the siding on your home, the siding may need to be swapped out before painting can occur. Any holes or gaps in the siding should be fixed before the painting process starts.

Painting your home's exterior is a great way to enhance its appearance and value! But it's important to use high-quality materials and employ proper techniques when painting your home so you don't end up with faded colors or chipping paint that only further damages your home.

Is Your Exterior Paint Peeling or Cracking?

If you're noticing peeling or cracking paint on your home's exterior, it may be time for a new paint job. This is especially true if the paint is cracking or peeling in large sections, such as across the entire front of your house or around all four corners.

In these cases, it is likely that the paint has been damaged by moisture and needs to be removed before any new coat can be applied. If the peeling occurs only in small areas, such as around windows or doors, it might not be necessary to remove the existing paint before applying another coat—however, this will depend on how much of the underlying surface you want covered with new paint.

When the paint on your walls starts peeling off in large sheets or small flakes, you should consider repainting. The current coat of paint may have lost its ability to bond with the surface it was applied to, which means that a new coat might stick better and last longer.

Is Your Home's Exterior Paint Color Outdated?

There are a lot of reasons to get a new paint job for your homes exterior. Maybe you're just looking for a fresh look—you've lived in your house for years, and it's time for some changes. Or maybe the existing paint job outdate and not the feeling you want to convey currently, and you want something more vibrant and eye-catching.

Or maybe you're planning on selling soon and want to update your home before listing it on the market. Whatever reason you may have for wanting a new color scheme for your home's exterior, there are several color options and popular trends.

Selecting paint colors for a home's exterior can seem overwhelming due to the vast number of choices. However, focusing on popular, trendy shades makes the decision easier. Choosing from the many variations of fashionable hues will increase your home's appeal to potential buyers. A fresh coat of paint in an on-trend color makes a house more attractive than it has likely ever been.


Proper upkeep and care are crucial to maintaining your home's appearance and value. Though these tips are general rules of thumb, every case should be looked at individually. Don't take them as definitive mandates. With that said, repainting the exterior of your house is usually a good idea and worth doing.

With all of the great benefits it has to offer, the overall costs are small in comparison, and it will convert your residence. If it looks old, cracked, and damaged, which could decrease property value. That's why painting the outside may just be one of the best investments you'll ever make for your home.